Dear Listener,

We here at Station Eight are committed to bringing you articles, artifices and artifacts of interest from across the many iterations and sub-branches of the Metaverse. We curate nothing, for that is the job of the Station. It is merely our sacred duty to relay what we receive to you, the listener. We are unable to know if our broadcasts will ever reach you, as such is the reality of radio. Each and every transmission is strictly one way. We are able to tune into the entirety of all that ever could or could not exist, but we are sadly isolated from those whose opinion we care about most. Still, we soldier on, making sure that each and every word spoken is of the highest quality, and accessible to any conceivable sensory apparatus or psycholinguistic framework it may happen across. We shall seed the many cosmos with our stories, and let the collective mind of the infinite grow heavy with thoughts of what may be. Our greatest hope is that someday, through sheer chance, we may hear of someone who has been touched by our tales. But until then, we press on.

In Eternal Servitude,

The Narrator